Technical Track: Dynamics

Description: Dynamics has applications to many important current topics, including energy harvesting, micro and nano systems, elastic and nonlinear waves, human movement, biological processes in humans and other organisms, advanced vehicles, autonomous vehicles and robotics, engines and turbomachinery, wind and tidal energy, electromechanical devices, vibration reduction and absorption, and control systems. Many of these topics are multidisciplinary in nature, combining mechanics with electronics, physics, biology, chemistry, and other areas. Emerging applications, technologies and disciplines bring forth new challenges and the need for advanced analysis tools for modeling, experimentation, and numerical simulation. Resulting research may involve complex systems, time varying systems, fractional calculus, sensors and instrumentation, description of nonlinear phenomena, and data analysis. The Dynamics Track at the USNCTAM meeting will provide a forum for sharing activities in these, and many other, exciting areas of study.


Brian Feeny, Michigan State University
Francis Moon
, Cornell University

Objectives: Authors and presenters are invited to participate in this event to expand international cooperation, understanding and promotion of efforts and disciplines in the area of dynamics. Dissemination of knowledge by presenting research results, new developments, and novel concepts in dynamics will serve as the foundation upon which the congress program of this area will be developed.